Monday, March 9, 2009

5 down, 2 to go!

Saturday we got the no-go letter from University of Chicago, so we're down to Texas-Austin and Ohio State. Today is the 9th, I really feel if we go a week without getting rejected by both of them there might be a chance.

It's an interesting situation to be in, not knowing where your life will take you. We all share that experience to some degree I suppose. One can never tell 5, 10 years from now where you'll be. This is different. The next two weeks literally will determine where my family and I will be for at least the next year, potentially the next five. And I have no idea where that will be. It's such an exercise in faith. I keep bouncing back one minute from the next, hope and despair, I'll get in I won't get in. When I say despair it's not as if I'm actually despairing in an emotional sense, it's more just despairing of getting in this year and trying to make the best of the options open to me here in Minnesota for the coming year.

Ultimately what will be will be, and honestly, I'm really ok with that. I'm just looking forward to being done with the next two weeks. :-)

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